Battling through the marketing clutter – 7 steps to victory!

“Advertisements are now so numerous that they are very negligently perused, and it is therefore become necessary to gain attention by magnificence of promises, and by eloquence sometimes sublime and sometimes pathetic.” – Samuel Johnsons, one of the earliest complaint regarding advertisements dating back to 1759
Unfortunately, we humans don’t have a warning button for sensory overload! Advertisements constantly bombarded to an average human reach toxic levels ranging from 3000 – 30,000 commercial messages on an ordinary day.
Did we undervalue the aftermath of digitalisation? To what levels should a hypothetical brand X go to just simply say “Hey, come and buy my product? “

Yes, we are in the day and age of advertisement clutter and yes, it is difficult to get customer’s attention!

Apart from competing Products & Brands, It is a tough a fight out there, even for Ad-Space, with each bill board vying to gain customer attention or standout from the crowd!

In order to be noticed on a larger scale, a brand does not need to take extraordinary efforts, intelligent messaging is the way forward!

Presenting herewith; 7 steps to cut through the noise in this age of marketing saturation.

  1.   Content:- The battleground

    From annoying pop-ups to irrelevant YouTube video pre-rolls, the audience has a lot to complain about. “Nobody reads an ad, people read what interests them. Sometimes, it’s an ad!”

    Content marketing is a long term process to make your brand relevant and gain acceptability. Whether it’s a blog or an ad, the content should be insightful and significant keeping the reader engaged.

    As a brand, one needs to master the art of story-telling.  Psychologists say that the best mode of remembering or memorizing something is through the art of effective storytelling.

    No wonder Tanishq and Coca Cola are using this technique in their recent ads with Deepika Padukone and Aalia Bhatt respectively.


2. Targeting: Who are you fighting for?

Let’s get it straight, everyone is not a customer!  One always starts with identifying the target audience.  Ask a simple question “Who will buy the product?”

One you have an age group, demographics and psychographics in mind, start with appealing to the need and mentality of that group.

Identify what the core customers want. It is best to identify their needs is by analyzing the competition.

  • Find out what they want that they are not getting from the competing brand?
  • What is the added value that brand offers?
  • 3

    3. On the stroke of 12 – it’s all in the timing

    Marketing is all about being in the right place at the right time.  Consumers could be searching for your products on Google, could be reviewing your brand on Zomato or could be watching your TV commercial.

    It is imperative to have a 360 degree constant presence, no matter which season or what time of the day! Being consistent is the key.

    You cannot have a post and lay quiet for the rest of the day. For successful retention one must ensure that the customer is hooked to your content, waiting for you to upload your next piece.  Thus, making a schedule and sticking to it is very essential to develop a long lasting relationship with your clients

    4. USP – The weapon

    “We deliver in 30 minutes or less” How does a brand profitable sell something as generic as a pizza?  Kudos to Dominos!

    The credibility lies in identifying your ‘USP’ unique selling proposition and consistently promoting it in your content. This will help differentiate your brand from hordes of similar such competing brands.

    In order to beat the monotony, the brand must have a meaningful message or a different perspective. Witty language, funny content and creativity help just do that…


    5. Sing your anthem loud and clear!

    It is of utmost importance that your content highlights your product benefits in the best possible voice. Everybody remembers Ujala- “char boondo wala”

    Thus when a buyer is confused between two products, he/she would have an instant recollection of the advantages of choosing your product.


    6. Listen to the field Marshall aka the marketing Guru!

    Though a CEO may have the last say, but it is always wise to take a second opinion, especially when it comes to marketing. Have a guest-blogger put up the next blog, or a fresh Ad not created by the regular staff. These will not only give the Ad campaign a breath of fresh air but also a different perspective, which might just do wonders for your company.


    7. The final verdict- victory or defeat

    Whether the Ad campaign is successful or partly successful, it is important to analyse and gain a few important insights, which will help fine tune it in the long run. Identify individual areas by breaking the campaign into bits and fully scrutinizing it.  Was it the targeting? Was it the media selection? What worked and what did not? Asking just a few pertinent questions will help point the way ahead… Simultaneously keep an eye on the competition.

    Do not be hesitant to fight dirty but make sure to abide by the rules.