Facebook pages – Every brand’s new shop!

“This is not an information age. It’s an age of networked intelligence” – Don Tapscott

If a brand is not on Facebook, it simply does not exist!

Facebook has recently been named as the “Most effective social media platform for advertising” by eMarketer. Going by the recent surveys, Facebook has 1.49 billion active users, which means that out of every 5 people in the world 1 is browsing through facebook! Humanisation of brands has become a recent phenomenon with the advent of Facebook. The digital boom has ensured that each brand gets a face, a readymade platform where the customers could reach out to brands with minimal effort.

Facts about Facebook

  • 50% of users log on to facebook at any given day.
  • Average users spend about 55 mins on facebook per day.
  • More than 5 million pieces of content are shared each week.
  • Facebook has more than 3 million active pages.
  • So let’s ask the obvious question – Why does your brand need a Facebook page?

    Be it a huge multinational company selling multiple products or a small scale enterprise, maintaining a facebook page is a must! Digital presence allows you to truly listen, communicate and engage with people who like your business and gain new customers in the process

    1. Find all the right people

    Facebook helps you identify your ideal target audience. With the analytics provided by Facebook you could identify your customers and classify them through psychographics and demographics. You could create ads that target a particular age, sex, location, interest etc. Choosing your target audience allows you to reach out to people before they start looking out for you.


    2. Helps you to humanise your brand

    No advertisement works as much as the power of a genuine brand. Your Facebook page represents your organisation and its belief. Your customers want to know your company better. Be as human as possible. In order develop a personal connection with your audience do not be hesitant to share behind the scene images, latest company developments etc. Facebook helps you to voice your company’s stand on the current affairs.

    3. Facebook helps you to build a community

    Building a community is one of the easiest way of generating relevant interactions with your audience. A community could consist of like minded audience who connect with each other based on their hobbies, interests and likes. You could build a community by posting interactive content, asking your audience to contribute through polls, feedbacks, open ended questions, reviews and contests

    4. Play it up. Get even with your competition!

    Facebook enables you to monitor your competitors’ pages. From page likes to weekly engagement you can compare your page to your competitors. This is a very useful tool which helps you plan your content strategy and provides you a constant reality check!


    5.Improving your SEO

    Facebook generate footfalls to your website and blogs. Traction received through link shares on facebook could boost your SEO if your links are indexed by search engines.

    Can Facebook drive sales?

    Yes, Facebook could be your new shop!Marketing on Facebook is an easy way to generate online sales. Drive your audience from Facebook to your website to book appointments, sing up for events, learn more information or make a purchase!

    4 ways of achieving sales via Facebook:

    1. Remarketing – Cookie tracking enables you to market your website to a customer who has been to your website before. Create a reminder to shop again or complete an unfinished transaction. This could be done by installing a code on your website.

    2. Multiple ad offerings – You could choose form

  • Mobile ads – Target specific mobile users only
  • Page like ads – Increase the number of likes on your page
  • Post boost ads – Increase the engagement of a particular post by increasing the like, comments and shares.

    Various types of post boost options are available.

  • Website ads – Generate traction to your website using adequate “call to action” options
  • App installs – Boosting your app installs by promoting it to the right audience.
  • Event and offer ads– Creating Facebook exclusive events and offers
  • 3. Modifying your existing campaign

    Facebook has an upper hand over traditional mediums since it allows you to modify your ads at your convenience. You could be increasing your budget, you could cancel underperforming ads or you could change your target audience completely. Facebook gives you the freedom to modify any aspect of your ad.


    4. Application plug-ins

    Facebook allows you to download additional plugins to your page. One such application is called Pavement. This application allows you to create a storefront on your Facebook page with ease. Storefront Social is another such similar app. These apps are currently free of cost and the set up is simple once you create an account on their website


    Finally, creating a Facebook page may seem as an easy task but maintaining it is as difficult. In order to establish a strong and sound brand on Facebook, it is very important to be extra careful of what you post. You may think that the world is not actively watching you but a small mistake may lead to bigger consequences.

    “Social media creates kinship between companies and customers, and kinship equals purchase intent” – Jay Baer