Be not the first one to market, be the first one to do it right” – Benny Xian Co-founder, Banian Labs In the recent years, India has become conducive to the Start-up ecosystem – driven by funding & increasing online spends. 2014 witnessed the birth of 3,100 start-ups, Market watchers forecast 11,500 Start-ups by 2020. It is incredibly challenging to carve out a niche for Your Start-up. Worry not! We have you covered! The most successful Start-up strategies are those which have marketing as its base.

MANTRA 1 – Search, only to be found

1. How would SEO help my business grow?

It is mandatory to identify the right market. Brainstorm to identify your target audience, congregate by segmenting their user profiles. Be net savvy.

Your target customer could be browsing the web, searching for a specific product. Your Start-up should appear as high in the search ranking as possible. Cover wide yet product specific range of keywords to improve your search ranking.

In lay man’s term SEO are a set of rules, which when followed improve your search engine rakings.

2. Is SEO really important?

Yes, SEO improves your credibility. Credibility, Trust & faith, Brand-Recollect is directly proportional to the number of times your start-up appears on search pages.

Good SEO practices improve stability and user experience

Returns on investment: Apart from obvious growth in sales, money used for generating traffic on your website could be supplemented by Ads.

Be one up – In scenarios where two competitive brands sell the same product, A SEO optimized brand is more likely to have more clicks, thus ensuring better sales.

3. Is on-page optimization & off-page optimization necessary?

India ranks second in consumption of mobiles. Recent data indicates that there are 960,579,472 mobile users in India. Thus, having a website that is not mobile optimized would give a cold shoulder to a huge market.

Generating organic traffic: On-page optimization is a must. Websites that are not mobile optimized, lag in functioning & would result in a high bounce rate.
Domain Authority: Developed by Moz, domain authority is a website metric score on a 1001 point scale that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. It is often used as a competitive metric comparing against other sites.

MANTRA 2- Going Social

Social media can do wonder in generating effective leads and traffic to your website 1. Determine your channel presence. Some of the most popular channels are: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Snapchat. For an e-comm startup, Pinterest would be debatable.

Devise a channel strategy: Create separate strategy for each channel depending upon the purpose. Your strategy for twitter should include: engaging in daily conversations with your influencers and general masses that purchase your product. Aim to appear friendly and easily approachable to your customers.

Using Insights effectively to determine the type of content. Insights are inbuilt free services that are provided by Facebook and Twitter for effective management of pages. With the help of insights you can determine the best time to post in order to maximize your reach. It would help you to identify your target audience, the people who regularly view your posts. Factual data such as top cities and countries that give you maximum traction would also help developing your channel strategy.

Advertising through social media: There is an array of promotional options available on Facebook and Twitter for customer acquisition and purchase. Instagram is the new kid on block to open doors for advertising. Options such as pixel tracking, geo-targeting, targeting people based on similar interests is an added feather in the cap.

MANTRA 3- Content
  • Content is the heart of digital marketing. Follow the checklist to create noteworthy content and add value to your brand.
  • Be consistent – There should be continuity and consistency in your copy
  • Be human – 60 % human & 40% promotion. Consumers appreciate a brand with a human touch.
  • Be responsive – always respond to a customer query / complaint immediately and never fail to interact.
  • Creating the right mix- Add flavours to your content by establishing a right mixture. One day your brand could be hosting a contest, the next day a humorous witty post and the third day you could be asking an opinion poll.This ensures that the audience would stay hooked to your page and keep coming back for more.

  • Increasing sharable content – The secret to create viral content is by making generic sharable posts that could be enjoyed by a wider audience. “If you build, they will come” mindset no longer holds true today. Marketing has to power to make or break your brand. Digital Marketing mantras are the key to success for your start-up.

  • This means marketers must take into consideration what content your audience wants and what format they receive it in. It’s important to map your content to your buyer personas. Always bear this question in mind: What could you put out as content that people would actually care about? Most brands start with the product. Flip your thinking and start with the audience’s lifestyle and needs.

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